Friday, July 30, 2010

Really?? Are you sure?

So this has been my life for the past 6-7 weeks.......

As some of you know, my father recently passed away.....I was finally able to make it back to California, mostly to get away from all the insanity in my life, cleaning out my father home, fixing the property up, putting it up for sale, and coming to the realization and sadness that he is never coming back:(

The Otherhalf had an entire tour to be on vacation and the kids were still in school, he said leave, go away, clear your head and relax, do whatever you need to do, but come back.

He was willing to stay behind--- still cleaning out my fathers house, even he didn't like to go there he is almost as sad as I am/ and have been.

I do not think he has ever trusted me to go by myself to California and now with my fathers death, turning the big one and knowing how much the being a Firefighter in the city of craziness and insanity is...HE Knew, I was already looking for the home in California, I already applied for my nursing license to be granted through reciprocity and had multiple homes I was interested in viewing.

For as much as I hate the fake people in LA etc and that TMZ shit...I like southern California. I just love it, It's warm, NO humidity, thank's like spring everyday or at least all of the times we had visited. I would move in a heart beat and the other half knows this!!!

So, I purchased round trip airfare, packed my ice skates and left for one week. I planned on visiting family but my cousin was deployed to the Gulf for that oil spill and it sort of changed a few things.

First my dad was a Marine Corps Brat(Semper F)i, he was born in California, so I was looking forward to visiting family---getting as close to the naval base he was born at and let some of his ashes go......the naval base closed in the 90's.

I ended up doing nothing but sleeping, ice skating and laying by the pool, it actually was sorta great. No kids, no family commitments now just me and my thoughts.....

My dad won a Porsche 911, drag racing for pink slips in the late 70's....oh now, how much I miss that car looking back and the way it sounded, all the work, time taking to rebuilding it to his liking, I remember to way it hummed and when to shift gears just from the sound.

I rented a Porsche Boxster for the week, I couldn't afford to rent a 911 for a week but the boxster worked out amazingly....they say they can go up to 255 mph, but It got once over 100mph---and I thank the lord I didn't get caught.

Because when I get pulled over in this city. I get let go, something about when the Otherhalf Officially worked as an administrator for our Police Dept.(as he has said himself he hired, fired and retired cops, oh yeah helped push through all of there promotions for 10 years), before he jumped ship and decided to become a Firefighter....pretty much our name is notorious in this city of Brotherly love.

If I'm stopped by a cop who is new to the force---I go through the crap of you need to contact your commanding officier, the otherhalf is a fiefighter and I'm a nurse....and you know you burn in hell if you give a nurse a ticket, pretty much....always works, that and dude I have a horrible case of the shits if you want to follow me home and wait until i go to the bathroom and then give me the ticket as NEVER failed!!!!!

So, after looking at house number 12 or so, I take a wrong turn get completely f-ing lost, even with the gosh darn GPS and tumble into a nice neighborhood . I see a home for sale, google the information, get out of the car and walk up to the home, find the current owner after 20 minutes of searching between the people help cleaning it out etc...

I take some amazing views but the money I'll have to sink into it is going to be crazy....I have 4 kids, need to relocate 2,685 miles, so the owner and I talk for an hour or so, I take some pictures, ask about 90 million questions, call my realtor and then ask to me, "The most important question".

I do not want my young children being exposed to any celebrity like figure or so, no Lindsey's, no Nothing!!!!!!! Just everyday life, go to work come home and be quite!!!

So, what is the million dollar question???? Is there anyone anywhere around this neighborhood that would be considered famous, popular, no one get photographed no cameras, no nothing, right???

The owner says, "Well the family who lives over there, up there around that way, "He's the lead singer of Nirvana", I was like WTF??? Nirvana?? What? He says, "Yeah, yeah, Nirvana!" In his slightly broken english.

I said sure, "I bet so does Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin". The comment flew over his head & I hauled ass out of there as fast in my little Boxster could get me, I was still lost for an hour or so.

I returned home within a week, puppy sat my best friends 20lb. 7 month old baby f-ing beagle--the fucker got out of our fenced in yard and ran like frogger into two way traffic----I ran after him tripped and fell broken my left elbow in 2 places, managed to take most of the skin off the other side of my body like I was dragged by a truck for 4 blocks.

yes, I caught him, finally...and i will not say anything else other than that and we are still friends with the owners:)

Needless, to say I have seen 3, yes 3 Ortho specialists, had 2 MRI's, have to go to physical therapy 5 days a week and to top it off now have Frozen Shoulder Syndrome due to being in a sling...................and the Director of Shoulder, and Elbow services stated that if my elbow isn't working better in 2 weeks now, he's going to do it for me---how you ask--surgery, yeah I don't think so...good luck in two weeks I'm going to The Outer Banks, N.C., good luck finding me!!