Monday, January 28, 2013

Kids can really make me laugh!

We finally did it!  I have always considered myself a dog person. We have had a few dogs over the years. However, for the past 8 years or so we have been dog-less.  I truly miss having a dog! I do not miss the puppy days: the chewing, house-breaking, etc...except for the puppy breath. Damn, I wish someone could bottle that smell! Yummy.

Recently we visited the ASPCA and walked out with a dilute calico 8 month kitten...I have never been so happy with our choice to bring a new family member into our home! Miss Skittles has brought all of us such joy!

We have been reading some books about kittens and cats to the little ones. And recently learned that they should be treated as lactose intolerant and as much as Miss Skittles may seem that she wants milk or dairy like products, it is best not to give her any, and trust me this is a hard thing to do...

So my #4 asked if I had ever caught Miss Skittle on the kitchen table after they had left for school and I replied of course I have! Why? Then #4 asked my if I had ever caught Miss Skittles eating her toast, which by the way-#4 eats every morning for breakfast, and I said, No. Why? Then she asked is it because Miss Skittles is lac-toast intolerant? Bwahahaha

I love kids!!