Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nothing New

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I have not posted in a while but I've done some posting on Twitter instead but I think it's about time to get back to blogger:)

My patients are still crazy as ever, nothing has changed and most parent are still dumb! I also think doing any type of newborn teaching to Mom and or Dad is usually a complete waste of my time. No one pays attention and Mom is either to sleep deprived or too overwhelmed to process anything I'm trying to teach. Still trying to do a survey or how to handle this the best.

Saw the Flyers pay a few days ago--They Rock:) More to Follow

Sunday, September 19, 2010

sunday stealing

Sunday Stealing: The Threesome Meme

Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. At what time of your life were you happiest and why? I was the happiest in the 90's100_1087.<span class=>

2. Where and when did you meet the love of your life? I met my husband in college in 1989

3. Favourite item of clothing ever or most treasured possession? Any jewelry from my mother, grandmothers, father, husband or from the children is precious.

4. Must-have makeup or beauty item? Mascara, even if they decide to incinerate me....I had better be wearing mascara!!!mascara.jpg MK image by thatgirlbella

5. What do you think is your worst vice or fault .. honestly? Cursing on occasions

6. Would you tell your friend, if you knew her husband/wife was cheating on her/him? Sorry I can not go there, I do not even like to think about it.

7. What ambitions, wishes or desires, for your life, do you still hold close to your heart? To have a happy and healthy well adjusted family, other than that learning how to play the piano well, publishing a novel, and learn how to do an axel in ice skating.

8. Where do you see yourself five years from now? Hopefully the other half will finally have a new contract with the city, he has been working without one for almost two years, and in that contract we will not have to live in the city anymore:)

9. If you had the choice of any talent with the penalty that you would lose a talent in exchange, what would you want to gain, and what would you be willing to loose? I would like to be a famous author and you could have my talent of being a nurse and acting like a give a damn.

10. Name three things that you do want completed in your life before retiring? Winning the lottery because I really want to call out RICH, not SICK, I would like to go to work just one day, and not have it be more stress than the previous shift and have the other people I work with actually do their job.

11. Of all of the people out there who would have been your fantasy date? Date, not romance...Dave Grohl, of course:)

12. Google put another spell on you, you have just changed genders for 48 hours... what are you going to do with your 2 days? Pee outside, scratch myself in public, and of course pleasure myself at least once:)))

13. If you owned your own island, and got to make it your own country, what would you call it? And why? Jenny 867-5309.

14. If you rubbed the lamp and got 3 wishes, what would they be? Win the lottery, move far, far away and buy a huge piece of land , so my in-laws could never find us!

15. What is your earliest memory of puberty? OMG, the TALK from my grandmother no less, oh my! My ears are burning right now.

16. If you got banished to your Island alone and could only bring 5 things, what would they be? A wind mill for electric, Iphone, one charger, mascara, and sunscreen.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Really?? Are you sure?

So this has been my life for the past 6-7 weeks.......

As some of you know, my father recently passed away.....I was finally able to make it back to California, mostly to get away from all the insanity in my life, cleaning out my father home, fixing the property up, putting it up for sale, and coming to the realization and sadness that he is never coming back:(

The Otherhalf had an entire tour to be on vacation and the kids were still in school, he said leave, go away, clear your head and relax, do whatever you need to do, but come back.

He was willing to stay behind--- still cleaning out my fathers house, even he didn't like to go there he is almost as sad as I am/ and have been.

I do not think he has ever trusted me to go by myself to California and now with my fathers death, turning the big one and knowing how much the being a Firefighter in the city of craziness and insanity is...HE Knew, I was already looking for the home in California, I already applied for my nursing license to be granted through reciprocity and had multiple homes I was interested in viewing.

For as much as I hate the fake people in LA etc and that TMZ shit...I like southern California. I just love it, It's warm, NO humidity, thank's like spring everyday or at least all of the times we had visited. I would move in a heart beat and the other half knows this!!!

So, I purchased round trip airfare, packed my ice skates and left for one week. I planned on visiting family but my cousin was deployed to the Gulf for that oil spill and it sort of changed a few things.

First my dad was a Marine Corps Brat(Semper F)i, he was born in California, so I was looking forward to visiting family---getting as close to the naval base he was born at and let some of his ashes go......the naval base closed in the 90's.

I ended up doing nothing but sleeping, ice skating and laying by the pool, it actually was sorta great. No kids, no family commitments now just me and my thoughts.....

My dad won a Porsche 911, drag racing for pink slips in the late 70's....oh now, how much I miss that car looking back and the way it sounded, all the work, time taking to rebuilding it to his liking, I remember to way it hummed and when to shift gears just from the sound.

I rented a Porsche Boxster for the week, I couldn't afford to rent a 911 for a week but the boxster worked out amazingly....they say they can go up to 255 mph, but It got once over 100mph---and I thank the lord I didn't get caught.

Because when I get pulled over in this city. I get let go, something about when the Otherhalf Officially worked as an administrator for our Police Dept.(as he has said himself he hired, fired and retired cops, oh yeah helped push through all of there promotions for 10 years), before he jumped ship and decided to become a Firefighter....pretty much our name is notorious in this city of Brotherly love.

If I'm stopped by a cop who is new to the force---I go through the crap of you need to contact your commanding officier, the otherhalf is a fiefighter and I'm a nurse....and you know you burn in hell if you give a nurse a ticket, pretty much....always works, that and dude I have a horrible case of the shits if you want to follow me home and wait until i go to the bathroom and then give me the ticket as NEVER failed!!!!!

So, after looking at house number 12 or so, I take a wrong turn get completely f-ing lost, even with the gosh darn GPS and tumble into a nice neighborhood . I see a home for sale, google the information, get out of the car and walk up to the home, find the current owner after 20 minutes of searching between the people help cleaning it out etc...

I take some amazing views but the money I'll have to sink into it is going to be crazy....I have 4 kids, need to relocate 2,685 miles, so the owner and I talk for an hour or so, I take some pictures, ask about 90 million questions, call my realtor and then ask to me, "The most important question".

I do not want my young children being exposed to any celebrity like figure or so, no Lindsey's, no Nothing!!!!!!! Just everyday life, go to work come home and be quite!!!

So, what is the million dollar question???? Is there anyone anywhere around this neighborhood that would be considered famous, popular, no one get photographed no cameras, no nothing, right???

The owner says, "Well the family who lives over there, up there around that way, "He's the lead singer of Nirvana", I was like WTF??? Nirvana?? What? He says, "Yeah, yeah, Nirvana!" In his slightly broken english.

I said sure, "I bet so does Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin". The comment flew over his head & I hauled ass out of there as fast in my little Boxster could get me, I was still lost for an hour or so.

I returned home within a week, puppy sat my best friends 20lb. 7 month old baby f-ing beagle--the fucker got out of our fenced in yard and ran like frogger into two way traffic----I ran after him tripped and fell broken my left elbow in 2 places, managed to take most of the skin off the other side of my body like I was dragged by a truck for 4 blocks.

yes, I caught him, finally...and i will not say anything else other than that and we are still friends with the owners:)

Needless, to say I have seen 3, yes 3 Ortho specialists, had 2 MRI's, have to go to physical therapy 5 days a week and to top it off now have Frozen Shoulder Syndrome due to being in a sling...................and the Director of Shoulder, and Elbow services stated that if my elbow isn't working better in 2 weeks now, he's going to do it for me---how you ask--surgery, yeah I don't think so...good luck in two weeks I'm going to The Outer Banks, N.C., good luck finding me!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Celebration of my BIG one!

So, I recently turned the Big one---yes, 33 again and it was beautiful! The Otherhalf took me on a world-wind weekend vacation to Vegas, someplace I had absolutely no desire to EVER go...but after all it was the thought that counted. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and got to see a really good band play...Them Crooked Vultures in the best VIP seating! I was so happy not to only see Josh Homme, Dave Grohl and of course the legend himself John Paul Jones it was all a girl of my young age could ever ask for.....Thank You, Thank You!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Foo Fighters Return to the Studio - Spinner

The last few months of my life has truly been horrible with the passing of my father, the latest news has lifted my spirits:

Foo Fighters Return to the Studio - Spinner

I'm thinking road trip in the next year:)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Change is good right?

So, I decided to change a few things on this blog. Why not, right? What do I have to lose.

I'm sick of my job almost everyday I work. I really and truly thought the transfer to a new unit would be great, and in all honestly it has not been. It has been quite depressing to say the least.

While we were told, we would be the first ever of it's kind....and we are, there is so much more despair than any of us could have imagined, death and lack of hope, human experimentation in my book all in the name of research, well thats just my opinion.

I've come to realize in the past 2 years, we have lost OVER 9 employees, doesn't that send a red flag to administration that something is wrong? It's not getting much better, just busier.

We are at our wits end, we lost HOPE, it doesn't live here.

From your employees.......

Other news....I'm getting old....Seriously, I am...I was planning a trip back to California--hopefully, but that has been knocked down....trampled on-- no less!

When are the Foo Fighters getting back together and touring? I need a fix. Turning older really sucks for sure and seeing them would just make this year a little brighter.

If anyone out there is reading this from Southern California and you want to send me a burger from Carney's--send me an email, Okay!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Stealing

Cheers to all of us thieves!

Sunday Stealing: The Clown's Meme 1

1. How old will you be in five years?
I'll still be 33-I haven't aged in a few years:)

2. Who did you spend at least two hours with today?
The kids

3. How tall are you?

4. What do you look forward to most in the next six weeks?
The f-ing end to the snow.

5. What’s the last movie you saw?
The Hurt Locker- is was pretty great.

6. Who was the last person you called?
My Grandmother

7. Who was the last person to call you?
The Other Half

8. What was the last text message you received?
From an old friend

9. Who was the last person to leave you a voicemail?
See the above

10. Do you prefer to call or text?

11. What were you doing at 12am last night?

12. Are your parents married/separated/divorced?

13. When is the last time you saw your mom?

14. What color are your eyes?

15. What time did you wake up today?
To darn early

16. What are you wearing right now?

17. What is your favorite christmas song?
I'll be home for Christmas

18. Where is your favorite place to be?
Either under the covers or in Southern California-WHERE IT'S WARM

19. Where is your least favorite place to be?
At Work

20. Where would you go if you could go anywhere?

21. Where do you think you’ll be in 10 years?
Not sure

22. Do you tan or burn?

23. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child?
The Dark

24. What was the last thing that really made you laugh?
My kids

25. How many TVs do you have in your house?
Too Many

26. How big is your bed?
Not big enough for four kids and the OtherHalf, that's for sure.

27. Do you have a laptop or desktop computer?

29. What color are your sheets?
Brown flannel with snowflakes

30. How many pillows do you sleep with?
2 or more

31. What is your favorite season?

32. What do you like about Autumn?
The way the trees look and the way the air smells

33. What do you like about winter?
I'm really enjoying the 70 plus inches of snow we got in less than one week, oh yeah and they are saying we are getting more tomorrow and Tuesday- can't wait:(

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday Thunks?

This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by Kimber, the color of
doom, and the number 999.

1. You walk into a room, someone turns and looks at you and laughs. What do you do?
Smile because I know he likes my outfit
2. You find an egg, take it home and keep it warm. It hatches. What type of dinosaur is it? Do you keep it and name?
I really would like a hippo like dinosaur , because "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas"

3. Which superhero would you want to be related to and why?
Superman, he's cute--he can come over and fly me to where i need to leave

A drunken sailor coo you on

the pier...he begins harassing you in a most repulsive way....what'll be your defense?

L'll take away his crappy liquor and give him some good alcohol- I'll offer to take him to lunch and or dinner his choice, but then we'll be friends

5. Entering a CLASS A piano bar, you're encouraged to sing atop the grand grab the microphone and sing.....
Black Dog, by Led Zeppelin, nothing like getting the lead out:)

6. If you were a character in a Dr. Seuss book/movie, who would you be and why?
I would be the little bird, in the book, "Are you my Mother?" It is just a cute story and one of my childhood favorites
7. If you have just been called to be a substitute in the Winter Olympics for your country (apparently everyone else was busy), what sport(s) will you compete in?
Figure Skating, I was in competitive ice skating as a child through some of my teenage years, I'll need some new outfits and a better pair of skates.

8. Did the audience from the piano bar in question #5 applaud when you were done with your song?
Not really they were stunned:) LOL

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Can I leave Now???, Please..

Memo, from the "Organization".....

"We will be installing a jacuzzi in one of our delivery rooms in the next few weeks".

Great, I can't imagine, or wait maybe I can imagine... how much of a mess that is going to be to clean up-YUCK!!!!!!!!

Your Truly Faithful Employee

Sexually Active?

So,....I asked the age old question to my patient, "Are you sexual active?"

The response, " No I just try to lay there."

I kid you not,'s going to be a long 12 hours....

Friday, January 29, 2010

The patient from hell

I've been a nurse of 17 plus years now. And this past week I had the pleasure of taking care the the most Annoying patient EVER since I graduated nursing school. The says a WHOLE lot!

Thank you for making this past week a living hell for me and now to your new newborn too.

Good luck on not making your child dislike you as much as I do.

Very Best,

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Please do not text and drive or text and Ice Skate, geez!

Thank You

Sunday Stealing

Hold on...It's a Long One.............................

Do you get regular
All the time, my second oldest is the perfect weight and foot size to walk on my back and when I really have crappy day or night at work, I call her school and tell them there is some sort of emergency at home and I need to pick her u
p---forget the other two, they are either to heavy or light-they can just come home on the bus!

Do you have an answering machine?
Yeah, my husband his crazy! I'll never get it- thanks for calling:)

What cuss word do you use the most?
The f-bomb comes out occasionally

Are you underweight or overweight?
I'm perfect.

Can you see your veins?
Sure I'm a nurse for goodness sakes.




Kind of red meat?

Tuna from a can

Candy bar?
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Have You Ever…

Eaten a whole bag of potato chips?
Who hasn't

Eaten lobster?
Don't eat ANY seafood, except tuna from a can

Climbed a mountain?
Sure I climb over mountains of laundry all the time.

Been skydiving?
No freaking way

Been water skiing?

Do You…

Wish you could change something about your life?

Like your nose?

Like salt and vinegar chips?

Eat salsa?

Own a boat?

What Is…Ambulance.jpg

A small thing that people let slide but that actually has dire consequences?
Where to start....okay, how about the morons that use the 911/411 system-- like calling for an ambulance for a ride to the hospital for the pimple on their ass, when they have 10 friends following behind the ambulance in THEIR car. Now the poor guy having a heart attack- which by the way is a REAL emergency can wait at home for a few more minutes because all the ambulance in the city are tied up.

Your most macho trait?

The longest relationship you’ve ever had?
The one I'm in now

Your most embarrassing thoughts?
I better not answer this one

Your most shameful moment?
Like I would tell anyone.






elly/Cream Cheese?
Cream Cheese

Whatever you are making


My greatest weakness is…
My children

I wish I was…

Three things I wouldn’t do for a million dollars are…
Steal the money from a bank or atm machine, kill someone for money

The oddest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth is…
An ant


Credit card you had?

Loan you got was for?
A car

Paycheck was for how much?
Can't remeber but it wasn't for enough money, hence the loan

Time you had stitches?
Are you kidding me I had stitches and staples for each c/section, but I needed stitches a few times and got never got them-we have this great glue at the hospital- I grab it ever thing I'm in the OR

Time you went to the hospital for something?
Each time I had a child


List everything you ate in the last 24 hours?
Diet snapple


Last thing you used a credit card for?
A birthday present for #2.

What was your job previous to the one you have now?
I was a waitress.

Last thing you celebrated?
My oldest daughters birthday was Friday, other than that I managed to undecorate 99% of the house today from all the Christmas decorations--tell me go grab a beer:)

Last time you were at a sports bar?
I have no idea.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

sunday stealing

Sunday Stealing: The Current Obsessions Meme

Book: I do not have one right now, but any recommendations would be appreciated:)

Snack: Anything Chocolate

Restaurant: Guido's-We have not been there since our anniversary, if your willing to babysit-email me.

Beverage: Starbucks- Cafe Mocha

Decor: I like the things in the Restoration Hardware store- can not afford the items but love them.

Actor: I do not have one

Actress: I do not have one

Movie: Home for the Holidays

TV show: The Closer

Hobby: Sleeping

Band: Foo Fighters

Song: I'm pretty sure I like all of the Foo Fighters songs, I could never pick just one.

Meme: This one, of course

Blog: Nurse K

Lover: My husband, geez

Friend: Lisa

Quote: Hindsight is 20/20

Peeve: Pregnant women- read my blog

Sport: Sleeping, if that could be a sport

Singer: Dave Grohl