Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our Pharmacy Sucks!

So, how was my night-shift? Does the title-mean anything to you?

What are your worst in-house pharmacy stories?

My night started off with scheduled medication that was missing---of course.

I called the pharmacy for a scheduled med due at 2000, at 1930- they said they would send up the Toradol STAT. STAT is now 2.5 hours later:)

I work in a Delivery Unit. My mother was post-op, and who was scheduled for Toradol for pain. Now the reason I and all the rest of us have been told- why it is taking so long for the medication to by sent up...is because Toradol is new to the formulary-even though it is a scheduled medication? Makes no sense to me- but whatever.

And having to wait the two, point 5 hours for it is crazy. Does the medication traveling from the same floor pharmacy go back down and through the center of the earth before it arrives, maybe stopping of at Hawaii first? Because if it does...I'm going on some crazy ass diet, so I can fit into that tubing system, I'd like to take that trip!

Okay, so this is a little off...but years ago I worked at a hospital where some nurse called to her friend on another unit, and she told her friend she made some great soup for dinner and then decieded to send her some through that tube system, well guess what ---it leaked and closed down the system for 3 weeks....what an ass!!!!!!!!!!

Early this morning the pharmacy department came up and wanted to know how things were working for us in our new lovely unit. My response, "can we get some Toradol added to our Pyxis?" There was a long pause on their part, this is where I should of- could of- kept my mouth shut, but I have a lot of opinions said, " It is easier to get crack than to get Toradol in this place, I can easily take the elevators down to the first floor, catch a cab, buy crack, come back and give it to the patient than to wait for your department to send it up, AFTER ALL, I heard Crack works for Post-op pain better than Toradol."

Did I mention, know one from the pharmacy department appreciated the comment, but every other -person in an ear shot started to laugh!


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