Monday, May 25, 2009

Welcome Home!!!!

Yes, I have returned from my wonder trip to California, and while I truly enjoyed my time on the West Coast, it is good to be home again with the children.

I can not believe that we managed to get away from the chaos of home life for 7 days and 6 joyous nights. AAHhhhhh!!! What a joy:))

So, how was the trip, you ask.......????? First, what is up with American Airlines charging $55.00 for one extra bag?? The airport and flying is always my favorite thing to do:))

When we arrived to the airport there had to be 200 military men and women checking in at the same time...and lucky for me when my bag weighed over 54 pounds and not the required 50 pounds, my husband unzipped my suit case, there on the floor and tossed the contents all over the place to grab some things that were heavy, like shoes, by the way which were on the bottom to place those items into another bag, and when he was doing so, he managed to toss my cute hot pink bra and xxx- panties etc... all over the place...thank you the compliments, Uncle Sam, it was great for the servicemen to have something to think about for their flight, and yes, thank you to the Other Half too!

I am the biggest chicken when it comes to flying, and mental note to PCP- Ativan 2 mgs. does NOT work, yet again! I only screamed out loud two times, making the stewardess, comes and ask if she could anything as when were ascending into the beautiful skies. The Other Half, I think asked for a gag but that may have been me just hearing things. My knuckles were so white and the Rosary could not be said fast enough....I swore we were never going to get off the tarmac and into the air. We seemed to bounce up and down way to many times and not seem to be going fast enough to actually get off the ground, but yes, we did...I had the crazy thought that we would possibly skid off the runway and explode off the side of the road, maybe due to the weight of all that luggage, mine being the main reason, or possibly that the crew would just drop the load onto the ground and I would never see any of my things again...Yes, crazy I know...what an imagination.

First stop was The Sunset Marquis, I would highly recommend staying there, we had a wonderful time. We met many musicians, of course. And experienced our first earthquake and aftershock while at the Sunset. We had free passes to Equinox gym and saw more celebrities there. I made reservations at Mr. Chow a month before our trip, the food was fantastic, Do NOT drink any champagne! I was kidding when I said it would probably cost $30.00 per glass,---no it cost $45.00, and I drank two glasses. I'm glad The Other Half picked up an extra 24 hour shift prior to us leaving for the trip. Gosh, I'll be paying for that meal for a while, but it was worth it!!

The Grove was okay, same stores as in this area, nothing fancy, however the Farmers Market had great food and vendors. I had some delicious butter cookies with Jimmy's on them!!! Yummy!!

We stayed in Pasadena at The Langham Hotel and Spa for the rest of our 3 days. The hotel is gorgeous!!! We met Dennis Rodham and his family was very nice, but that dude is tall and freaking scary to say the least!:))

Venice Beach was quite depressing, something very one should see once, but then get the heck out of there. Some homeless man had a cardboard sign, stating he would work for marijuana?....Really are you serious???

Santa Monica was lovely, along with Malibu and riding up the Pacific Coast Highway was breathtaking.....

We saw one Large bush fire in the distance only to realize it was not far from the hotel...that was a little scary, but overall,....I would love to move out there and soak up the sun, sand and surf with the mountains in the background for the rest of my life, AAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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