Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saying Goodbye is not easy

On the one year anniversary of this blog, I have a few things to say, or a story to tell:

Goodbye to Mr. G
This is a true story though the names have been changed.
Today, I said Goodbye to Mr. G. My longest life-time friends, father. Katherine and I lost touch for a few years during our early twenties, but found our way back again in our late twenties. After, I started to have children, her daughter Angie started to help us out during the summer with months as a mother's helper. I told Katherine, Angie was so good that's why we continued to have more children, because she was such a great help:)), and Katherine smiled at me and said that is why she got pregnant so young, so Angie could help us out.
If you do not know Katherine already:
Katherine had Angie very young. Katherine's mother was very unsupportive of her pregnancy. Katherine once told me in tears the first thing her mother said to her, when she announced she was pregnant was, "what am I going to tell my friends?"
I was Katherine's best friend for 11 years and did not even know she was pregnant, she keep her pregnancy hidden from everyone else except her immediate family, looking back I can not believe I did not even know she was pregnant in high-school.
Katherine's father never hide the fact that she was his favorite child, mostly because I'm sure it drove her mother crazy. This was well known to me even as a young child. But, he become her biggest supporter I have ever seen. When Katherine announced her pregnancy at home, her father supporter her, when the relationship with Angie's father failed, he supported her-- never financially but always emotionally. Mr. G was a rock.
Mr. G was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease many years ago, but only about 8 years ago did it become well evident. I once, had to pick Angie up at Grandpop's house, and there Mr. G was on at the front door, shaking uncontrollable, with a smile on his face, kisses and hugs to me as always and a compliment on my children.
He once stood in that same doorway not to many years before as the man, who could literally put the fear of God into me, but there he stood feeble and frail, not the man I remembered.
Today, it was like saying goodbye to my own family member, the realization my best friend will never be the same, it changes you, makes you more tough around the edges, sad to know, my best friend will never be as she once was..................

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