Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chris Progner time to grow up!!

As many of you know already I am a HUGE hockey fan!!  And I love the Flyers and I like a few other hockey teams too, but for right now I feel my need express my concerns about what happened to Chris Progner.

Let me begin by saying, I am sure as heck that they are probably a pain in the ass, especially to an older(no disrespect) NHL hockey players, who for the life of their career have not worn them.

I am an RN who started out prior the Universal Precautions; you know before we wore gloves for everything.  I placed a million IV's without wearing gloves, changed shitty sheets, emptied foley catheters get the idea, but as time passed and healthcare made it mandatory....I had to learn to place IV's with gloves on, I did not like it but I did it and now I can not imagine for my life doing it any other way.  It is a learned process. 

I am happy that we were forced to wear gloves, masks, gowns when needed. I definitely think it is time for the NHL to step up and protect their players and as for Chris Progner, I am sure as hell certain that you want to see your children grow up, it is time to grow up put on a visor not only for yourself but for your children's sake too.

Chris, I wish you the best of luck and am looking forward to seeing you back on the ice in the next few weeks with a visor on.  Lets Go Flyers!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thank You Dilaudid!!

Hello Everyone!
Yes, I am so happy and SUPER pain free right now! Thank you to whomever invented Dilaudid:-) I am feeling much better compared to having the same surgery performed less than 8 months ago. The pain is a lot less or the pain meds this time are way better-lol....

Thank you to Jenny-The Bloggess for keeping my spirits up and keeping me in stitches(literally).

I included a picture, sorry it's a little yucky..... I desperately needed to re-wrap my Ace-Bandage that was falling off today, and I tried to take the best picture I could with one elbow looks worse than it feels, I'm still very swollen & bruised, and I estimated the sutures to be about 8 inches in length.

I will keep everyone updated, take care!
Purple Stinky Onion (PSO)