Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nothing new here.

So, this past week has been very busy, half due to a horrible schedule at work, half due to the fact- we are one week from school starting(can you see the smile on my face)?

I saw some amazing surgeries this week, I am lucky enough to work for an institution that does EXIT procedures. And let me just say that if Mom complains of post-op pain, she is in no ways lying about it!!!!!!!

Other than that, nothing else is new---my daughter cut her hair Again!

Lord help me- it is the worst cut I have ever seen, sad news is that she actually thinks it looks good. She has no bangs and a bald spot right on top of her head. It will probably take at least 6months to 1 year before I will be able to use some sort of accessories to make it look normal.

I never cut my hair, but I did cut the hair of a girl I was friends with in the forth grade, her mother never let me play with her after that(LOL)! Maybe it is some sort of genetic factor we have.
Do you ever cut your hair or anyone elses?

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