Saturday, September 20, 2008

Part 2 Dave Grohl/Foo Fighters Friend or Foe?

......Part 2

Dave Grohl/Foo Fighters (Friend or Foe)?

Yes, this past week totally sucked, why you asked?

What's up with the Foo's taking a long break?
Sorry to hear that, I definitely believe everyone deserves a break, but 10 years??? Seriously take some time off.
All the Foo's should focus on side projects, family and friends but please do not let it be 10 years!! Please NO!

A Really True Friend!

So, I really wanted to see the Foo's this past year and unfortunaly, was unable to see them in my home-town.

I wanted to travel by myself to Indiana and see them but the Other Half was not to keen on that idea, so The Other Half agreed, to go a see them with me at the Meadowlands..................and the rest is history.

Prior to us going to see the Foo's at the Meadowlands.......

I had to work fast to bring The Other Half up to speed. For 2 months before the concert it is the only thing I would play--in the house, in the car...pretty much everywhere and anywhere.
From our vacation in Virginia to four minutes before we entered the Izod Center.

The Other Half was quite impressed, so many of the songs, he already knew and that he enjoyed so many of them too.

So, there we were @ The Meadowlands and he had a Religious Experience and now he is a total convert. Now, how to I know this?

The other day, upon telling him about the long break the Foo's where going to have..he said, "WHAT!?" "F#&!" Spoken just like Dave Grohl would!

Then, he mentions again, "Is there anyway we can get out of going to your cousin's wedding, then we could go to Vegas to see them?"

Well, if looks could kill he would be dead, and that was an understatement!

"Well, is there any other shows we could see them at?", he asked.


From the City, we call home to California, only about 2,688 miles.

**This is the reason I'm married to The Other Half.**

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