Friday, September 26, 2008

A Reason to Believe---In What?

A reason to believe--- in what?

I find myself totally confused in what I do at my job and in all honestly--it is pushing me to my limits on what I believe in anymore, or if I believe in anything at all.

Parents come to us, with little hope- for their unborn child, and we are pushing the limits on medicine, saving such young lives. We are pioneers in fetal medicine and there are days, that are wonderful and then there are days when grief is just the word of the day.

I have never been too much of a "holy-roller', even though I was raised Strict Catholic by my Grandmother, and because of that--- it is the reason I find myself so far distant as an adult. Pushed and pushed into the Catholic Faith and made to go to church and pray everyday etc.......

I have found myself questioning my faith and beliefs especially for the last few months with the job change.

I have some things I do believe in like Karma- what comes around goes around, and that people come into your life for various reasons, there is a purpose, at the time we may not know, but there is a reason.

I gave up on hope, this past week, I can not explain the reason why, but I did, I really thought that I was going to leave my job, but when I met my patient the other night, she gave me, "Hope!"

After all, "hope lives here".

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