Sunday, October 5, 2008

Something that made me laugh!

This Made Me Giggle!

The Other Day I decided to order a Pizza and some other food for the kiddo's and Other-Half prior to my departure to work, the other -half was in route to home..... and in that massive rush, I was trying to get ready for work, clean the house up and take a quick shower, pack a bag for the long 12 plus hour night-shift etc....

When I was starting to head down the stairs, in as little as 30 minutes the kiddo's managed to rip apart the house by the front door, toss blankets around, and my sweet elderly neighboor decided to drop off some old toys that her grandson had once played with, they were now EVERYWHERE......needless to say I was not HAPPY!!!!!

I did not know the Pizza Man was at the front door, eventhough now I think the 9 year had tried to tell me at least once, there he was half in the front door, half not-I came down the steps a little VEXED, yelling slightly asking, the normal,"Who, What, and the What gave you the bright idea,?" etc...the Pizza Man to my surprise, said, "Lady, it was not me, I swear, I just Got Here!"....

I gave him a big whopping tip-he made my day!

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