Sunday, October 5, 2008

What were my last few days of work like?

So, What were my last few days of work like...?

Exhausting to say the least!

Day, one started with a ...a...aaaa " slow", yikes...night...gosh, I do not like to say that word---EVER!

Day Two, ....yup, said it "busy!" See, I opened my Big Mouth!

I met this lovely, lovely family from down South. The family was told some very interesting news, totally wrong, but very interesting and god knows, they were told, there was, "Hope."

So, there they were in the waiting room prior to me going home, did you ever get that feeling that when you come back into work that night it would be crappy????!

So, there I was coming into work, the Unit filled with tears..etc, etc.....

The Family was scheduled for a C/Section in the am, one baby VERY, VERY sick the other, Not Compatible with Life.

I stayed for the section, I thought it would be an opportunity........why not, I probably will not see anything like it again, or now at least I hope I never will. It was the wrong thing to do because now it has been a few days, and my heart aches for that family and for that little baby.

Oh yeah, don't let me forget the mother had a positive UDS, for more drugs than we could account for...Ggrrrhhhh!!!! I'm sure it had nothing to do with what happened to that little one, but it pisses me off to know end that maybe she will take home the other one, if everything goes well. I hate to think that baby does not stand a chance after everything it will go through!

The next day, family...different circumstances, same outcome, only one baby...S*&^!

The next family--Great News, totally expecting something Horrid, and Everything is Well, ..."Normal?"

Is there, "HOPE?" Who Knows?????

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