Monday, December 22, 2008

When to call 911

A man came home to find out he was being burglarized, he was given a Colombian necktie.....he managed to get out of his home while the robbers were upstairs stealing his personal belongings....he managed to drive himself to the hospital....3 miles away, park his car, ride the elevator down and walk to the back of the hospital where the ER is located....once he was walked into the Er, he was immediately taken to the trauma were he was trying to hand his ticket to the nurses to have the ticket validated...he is 86 years old.... God Bless!!!!!

Much unlike the 25 year old male who has vomited one time in the past two days, and decides to call 911 for the free ride to the ER while he has two cars parked in the driveway!! Good Grief!!

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