Saturday, January 3, 2009

some ramblings

First, Happy New Year to All who read!!

I am recovering from my "Fake Day Off", yes, I came home this am from work and have been functioning in some sort of hallucinogenic haze most of the day.

Today, I was thinking about many things....The New Year, #4's Birthday- which is today-my baby will turn 3, and the fact I am having Catholic guilt and really should go to see, I had a very rare medical condition with that pregnancy and after the delivery became a great part of medical books and part of national conferences.....pretty much sums up, I'm very lucky to be alive and even though right now it seems to me like a long time my family it was like yesterday, especially to the other thank you, to all of the wonderful Maternal-Fetal Doctors, Anesthesiologists, Trauma Surgeons and Oncologists, etc....who have given me another wonderful year to spend with my family.

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