Tuesday, February 24, 2009

thank you

There are so many days that I question myself, if I should continue on with my new job....because it has been the most emotionally challenging job I have ever held.

As soon as I decide, tonight is going to be the end of it...I will officially request a transfer, something big happens at work and I change my mind.

Saturday night- shift was one of those days...I decided that I will call Human Resources on Monday and beg for a transfer.

Then I was told by another RN to check my mailbox.....in my mailbox I found a lovely card from a patient and her family...thanking me for all of the time and emotional support I gave them, during the lose of their infant, along with gifts.

It is something we as Rn's do got see often enough, or if ever, and then it reminds me why I choose nursing as a career in the first place.

Looks like I'll be staying a little while longer.

After all, "Hope Lives Here"!

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