Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some people just Smell!!!

Okay, it's bad enough, I deal with Labor and Delivery and Afterbirth's screaming women, and incensitive FOB's and Family Members and or whatever......but please Lord, give me one patient soon who literally does not smell.

Please Lord, do not let them bring in horrible smelling McDonald's that will sit at the bedside or have them place it some where in the room that I can not find so it does not stink up the entire room and or floor of the rest of the night. Also, if you could just give the family a bad stomach virus if they even think about eating in front of their woman, while she is laboring that would be great too. Because that is just down right rude.

Please Lord, let one FOB/Husband not have the worst smelling feet under the beautiful sun you have created for just one week out of my life I would be forever grateful.

Please Lord, let us not have another patient and family members with a bad case of Pediculosis capitis for the rest of the year.

Please , Please....


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