Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The problem with healthcare medicine

One of the many problems with medicine is all the freaking, unnecessary tests.

I was a patient recently of some, "Big Named hospital" and I recently received an itemized bill for all the test performed, like the pregnancy test, that I insisted I did NOT need. Why, you ask?
First with the last pregnancy not only did I have a completed previa, it turned out my placenta loved all of my previous c-section scars, especially since I had already had 3 c-sections- therefore I had an accreata, which I was monitored very closely with during the ENTIRE pregnancy, only to find out after my delivery a few days later, it was a percerta(worse case scenario), noted I said a few days after I delivered I was told this, because that's how long it took them to finally decide to wean my from the vent, replace more blood and bring my back from the otherside in the ICU etc.......

I had a great Oncologist, who helped with the c-section(better at identifying large and small vessels), anyway they removed my uterus, tubes and cervix no less, and it was preformed at the same f-ing hospital were I was sick, they have EPIC(medical/online medical records) and I told them this and said really you have EPIC access, yes, then look it up?.....seriously now they are charging my insurance for some stupid test that couldn't even be true, and trust me I'M NOT THE VIRGIN MARY!

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kath8562 said...

Here's a good one for you-
Having Hysterectomy on a Wednesday
Go in for pre-op tests on Tuesday-
Period started Monday-
Oh, we have to have you take a pregnancy test!
1-not likely I was. 2-After the next day, it wouldn't have mattered!