Tuesday, July 14, 2009

UUgghhhh! Family

Well, I guess I really pissed them off, the in-laws, I wrote, " I was going to write something nice about my, "family members", but I decided not too, on facebook.
Now their not talking to me...aaaaa go f-yourselves. Really, did you think I may have been talking about something else or someone else entirely? Get a Grip! My Life and The Other Half's do not completely and entirely revolve around you folks.

I really wish I could have enough money to get up and move the my family to the otherside of the country.

I have to go to work again on Thursday and over the weekend. We have a lot of gastroschisis babies due in the next month or so, "They'll fuck ya, everytime". They have a shittest fetal strips and 15% die in utero by 35 weeks, we end up delivering those babies for one small possible decel, and sleep cycle that looks at little flat...good times ahead, good times.

I saw a super cool TRAP sequence at work. We did an RFA on the "blob" and then cut the cord so there was no cord entanglement later, pretty interesting to say the least.

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