Monday, February 15, 2010

Change is good right?

So, I decided to change a few things on this blog. Why not, right? What do I have to lose.

I'm sick of my job almost everyday I work. I really and truly thought the transfer to a new unit would be great, and in all honestly it has not been. It has been quite depressing to say the least.

While we were told, we would be the first ever of it's kind....and we are, there is so much more despair than any of us could have imagined, death and lack of hope, human experimentation in my book all in the name of research, well thats just my opinion.

I've come to realize in the past 2 years, we have lost OVER 9 employees, doesn't that send a red flag to administration that something is wrong? It's not getting much better, just busier.

We are at our wits end, we lost HOPE, it doesn't live here.

From your employees.......

Other news....I'm getting old....Seriously, I am...I was planning a trip back to California--hopefully, but that has been knocked down....trampled on-- no less!

When are the Foo Fighters getting back together and touring? I need a fix. Turning older really sucks for sure and seeing them would just make this year a little brighter.

If anyone out there is reading this from Southern California and you want to send me a burger from Carney's--send me an email, Okay!