Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yes, it's time for one other quick post....well sort of........

I've mentioned in the past my horrible insomnia issues, and thank you to my husband who decided in the middle of the night to get up and go to the bathroom- that would be yesterday now, at 3am---I'm still awake!
So, in 2 hours I will be awake for now what is going to be 24 hours!  Imagine that!!

Now my favorite Blogger- "The Bloggess" otherwise, known as Jenny, has the same issues with insomnia as I.  Recently she was up all night googling shit...insomnia, and jet-lag after returning from a trip and found amazing information about hamsters on Viagra and how it lessened their jet lag by 50%!

Even though I read her blog about those hamsters and laughed my rear-end off...I never once thought again about those hamsters in the study or jet-lag or pretty much anything else, seeing that I am so freaking tired and ALL I want to do is sleep, but seriously cannot.....I described it as having Red Bull running through my veins, so tired I'm going too vomit but yet when I closed my eyes to read the inside of my eyelids, I can't...........

But starting around 3am last night (thank you again to my Otherhalf) until about 10:30am.  I was a googling, insomnia, which lead me to all sorts of other things like circadian rhythm, jet-lag & delayed sleep stuff and shift worker syndrome etc.....

When I arrived at jet-lag via Wikipedia, damn......... if there really was not a study that was done on fucking hamsters and Viagra!!!

Of course I always believed Jenny, but that is some serious shit, really hamsters with hard-ons being flown around the world to look at jet-lag and recovery times?

Hopefully now that I have gotten that off my chest maybe I'll sleep-maybe not and I'll actually be like the first person to stay awake forever:-)

Who know, but stayed tune, because when I'm in this state of mind who the heck knows what I'll post....

Thank You again to all my new followers, why you follow me is beyond me, but I like that someone out there is reading this occasionally, hardly ever gives me any feedback & hopefully they do not think I'm too crazy:-)

Yours Truly,
Purple Stinky Onion(PSO)


pglm said...

you must have hit that ripe older age...night sweats, insommina and sucks getting older doesn't it. I have some of the same trouble but now "my come to Jesus " medication (zoloft) helps me sleep.....wishing you a couple hours....have a great sunday

Aide' said...

OMG love your blog, your picture of the woman giving birth to a grown ass man...I dont know you froma whole in the wall but have a ton of friends who are RN and have a bit of knowledge of what they go also love ur Disclosure!!!

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