Monday, July 25, 2011

Nice Adirondack Chair, No it's about a SHARK

So how was your vacation?
We arrived home two days ago, but below is a little tidbit that happened to us on our vacation: 

Okay, are you wearing your pull-ups because this is CRAZY! We are on vacation getting vocal with the locals etc... Having a blast and today, the ocean water is Absolutely FREEZING, like 56 degrees, it went from bath water to--the water is so cold you feel like there are ice cubes in the water. Hardly any brave souls at the beach attempting to get in the water it is mind numbing. The winds are coming from SSE or maybe it was SSW, but according to the locals it makes a big difference in the ocean temp.

Did you see the picture of the adirondack chair I posted?? Well look above because you may need to refer to it again.
Today it was hot here, okay very hot on the beach I would say.
The Otherhalf and #1 decided to get in the water, they couldn't take it anymore. "Polar Plunge", they yelled as they ran into the freezing ocean.

I'm sitting on the beach having a great time with one of the locals, who has lived here about 40 some years, watching all the other kids playing in the sand. Then, after a bit I see The Otherhalf and #1 running out of the water and I mean RUN--I'm thinking some sorta race between the both of them?

As Mr. Local starts to tell something,The Otherhalf & #1 who are wrapped in towels, speechless just staring at the ocean, they were not even blinking(I found that sorta odd,) I'm thinking they are just numb from being in the water because they can not even talked yet.

It turns out Mr. Local tells us there is a "pretty big shark, ya' all know, he has been coming in closer and closer to the beach, ya' all better be careful, I hear he is very long, well geez maybe 16 feet?, n'a maybe it was 18 feet give or take a foot, well heck my memory is not what it was before."

The Otherhalf and #1 are shivering, okay maybe it was shaking, either way, they are not talking, but I saw them blink a few times. They are looking at the ocean & then each other and then looking at Mr. Local.

Mr. Local says "Oh, by the way, nice to meet ya all, be safe now, I got's to get going the Mrs. is making some fine dinner & she does not appreciate when I'm late". I say goodbye great to meet you, hopefully we will see you tomorrow & maybe the Mrs. I help him pack up, his belongings and The Otherhalf and #1 are still not saying anything at all!

Me-- I'm thinking WTH to The Otherhalf & #1, what is wrong with you two, geez no manners! "well that was pretty scary, about the shark stuff? Well, Mr. Local was a cute thing. How was the water you two?? You two look cold?" 

Then The Otherhalf tells me what just happened.

He says a few feet in front of them a LARGE fin, about the size of the back of an adirondack chair slowly came out of the water for what felt like forever--it was not a dolphin or porpoise, it never came up for air. It swam around in front of them, they just stood frozen trying to see what it could be, then after what felt like an eternity they could not see any of the large fin around them it completely disappeared, the two of them then ran as fast as they could to get out of the water.

Okay, I'm terrified of sharks and I mean terrified, yesterday a 6 year old was attacked in 18 inches of water! It's the third attack this year in this area. I don't care if the winds change directions and the ocean temperature is like bath water, sharks scare me & obviously The Otherhalf and #1 are now scared too.

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