Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For Jenny The Bloggess Again

I sent the following e-mail to my Mother & and old friend of mine, while we are on vacation.....I can not imagine how the conversation is going to go in the next few hours with my Mother, but I imagine something like this....Are you Okay? Are you on drugs? Do you think you need to see a specialist......and to top it off.

I'm sorta like Jenny-The Bloggess, I have horrible insomnia too, it sucks and it's been my curse of working Nightshift forever, I'm going to hell, I know, hopefully I'll have lots of friends their with me...so let me figure out how to get the e-mail onto this page and off to sleep I must go, my mother is an early person and she is usually up by 0500, which means I have to like force myself to sleep for about an hour in a half or something!

Hey, there Dear Friend,
I'm on vacation in the Outer Banks but figured you may get a kick out of the email I sent my Mom! I need therapy....
P.S.-Michele is my Aunt, married to my Dads brother Chris
P.P.S.- The Hamsters wheel squeaks like a MO-FO!
P.P.P.S- I forgot the mention to my Mom the kids were only drinking soda @ least my cousins swore that to me today!


Date: July 18, 2011 21:58:32 EDT
Subject: A Note from my #2:)

Hi Mom,
Hello!! OMG, the weathers been great but boy those waves are killers:) The kids are getting tossed like pancakes, they are having a fun time.  #2 asked me to take a picture of this for you....I took about 10 pictures of it and I still have to ask her what is says....she wrote,"Dear Nana, Feed my frog on Tuesday"-LOL, she cracks my up....remind me to tell you the story of drinking 2.5 bottles of wine, probably got Roofied by Michele but she's blaming Chris(Uncle) now instead, oh and I'm DEFINITELY not getting the "Mother of The Year Award" because while I was completely intoxicated on Reisling, I think Roof-ied, Cousin #1, #2 and the triplets taught the kids how to play Beer Poing......which I found out at 10pm last night.....

According the all of them #3 as the best skills and is a ringer!!

P.S.-How are the hamsters? Did Pop-Pop WD-40 them yet??
Okay I gotta go...
Love Ya,

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