Friday, July 15, 2011

This Post is for Jenny

Hi Jenny,
This post is for you!

This is a story about my 5 Foot bear, he is a pain in the ass to move even an inch to clean around......

For about 16 plus years I've been asking for one of those Umbrella stands, yes I do have an addiction to totes umbrellas, but this is what my "lovely" bear is good for.......hanging shit on and hooking things around his ears, his nose, his head whatever, oh yes, and he ROCKS my purse on occasions and a Santa's hat at Christmas!

When you do not want to put your belongs away---sometime very soon(Thank God school starts in about a month), the 4 kids I have.... will be placing their backpacks, lunchbox items, shoes and all sorts of other thing on and around him.
And when the Otherhalf brings home is extra set of bunker gear from the Fire Department, the bear rocks a fire helmet.

And last, but not least is our 2 foot bear...I actually like him, since I ice skate regularly, I usually throw my light weight jacket on him & sometimes a purse of sorts off one of his ears.  He is actually not that heavy, maybe 50-100 pounds....I would actually keep him in the house,

He is pretty cute, but that other Freaking Bear that 5 foot has got to go.....

The OtherHalf has always been afraid someone would steal him, yeah right! He's 450-500 pounds.

Holy Moly, it took a bunch of us to get him in the house... The people stealing him will be suing us because they will be throwing out their back(s), possibly need surgery & physical therapy forever!! See what I have to put up with????


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