Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shit, you should NEVER see!!

Now this was scary!

A few days ago, during our lovely heat wave, I had promised an old friend I would mail her some information about vacationing in The Outer Banks.

Now, my family and I had been home for about a week.  Still unpacking, putting things away, climbing over loads of laundry to catch up on, and I'm feeling guilty. "Crap", I think to myself I have to mail that information to my friend.......

Really, not wanting to do it, but after passing by the information for a few days, I just had too.  So, I tell the kids, "Come on, get ready to go out, time to blow the stink off you guys, I have to run an errand or two".

So, there we go, the 5 of us......first stop--the Post Office-one of my favorite places to go and stand in line with 4 kids for like EVER, just to mail some shit.

We make our way out of the post office and directly across from our car/Some Super Old Dude got out of his car-wearing ONLY his underwear........All of my kids, including myself are now scarred for life!!!

Yes,, because I really can not believe WTF I'm seeing and now I have 4 kids who cannot stop staring at this weirdo, not to mention my youngest 3 have ALL sorts of questions about "what's he doing/is that normal/can you drive just wearing underwear?" I have time for this.............................................

Then this Super Old Dude proceeds to put on his shorts and it took him forever to get those fuckers zipped up right and put on his wife-beater shirt in the PARKING LOT....oh yes, and his shoes too and then he walks into the Post Office.

Okay, I really should not comment any further, but in all SERIOUSNESS: if it is SO HOT that you need to be driving around "just" wearing your underwear and you do not have the common decency to put on  your clothes in your car THEN ....I think that letter or whatever you needed to mail so Desperately could probably wait a day or two, but hey that's just me:-)

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