Monday, September 26, 2011

Time to put on my Big girl panties!!

Yes, that is right, it's time for me put on my Big Girl panties!

My arm & elbow are bleeping throbbing but no one in the this unit seems to care about that or me. It's been to important to talk about me in the hallway and how my *pain* is!!!
Just let me explain,'s the third time I've been through this in the past 15 months and today I'm pretty f-ing angry about how I'm being poo-poo'ed away........

So, remember this.... bitchy nursing staff............ I am a nurse too, I try to never put down another nurse, but I was a manager at one time and I plan on taking names and take you girls & guys down during the survey I was given upon my arrival this morning BEFORE my surgery.

Yeah the Big Girl panties are on.....but your names are being placed on my list!