Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thank you for making me VOMIT!

Oohh Lord, I was sick Tuesday---to say the least!

About 5 days before one of our Dr.'s was deathly ill(severe vomiting), which I would bet was viral now----- I started an IV(3 liters) and gave some Zofran, we put her to bed in one of the patients rooms and we found coverage for her for the rest of the night etc....... partly for pity reasons partly because her husband is some BIG plastic surgery guy at a Huge hospital near by( here is to hoping she will put a good word in for me to her husband!!)

A few months back my kids and Other Half were watching a re-run of Jon and Kate, you know the one where she showed off her stomach to the world and some wife of a plastic surgeon saw the show and asked him to do the surgery for free. My kids thought that was funny and said, "Geez Mom your stomach looks worse than that)! And to think I only had 4 kids and 4 C-sections 2 classical and 2 low transverse incisions! I have now accepted reality. no matter how much weight I have lost ---that jelly roll will never go away! No matter how much I exercise or abdominal exerices I do, it will not leave without the intervention of surgery!

Hence the nice thought above... so there I was about 5 days after the doctors severe vomitng, then I started------I thought I was going to die ---literally in and out of consciousness, with my head stuck in a toilet!

Isn't that a lovely picture.

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