Friday, November 21, 2008

Don't fail me now!

I was at a soccer game tonight----I hate going to soccer games when it's SNOWING outside!!!!

But anyway, this crazy soccer mom comes running over to me -dragging her husband,"who, by the way could not care less".

Her-Hey, remember me, ooppps I means us,...don't you remember, delivered me a few years ago...oohhh come on..... how could you forget?!!!!! I delivered at______hospital, Dr.______ just left the room and like two minutes later Johnny(or something like that name) was coming.....don't you remember??!!!!

Me- Ooohhhh, yes, NOW I remember....Geez, how could I forget!!! That's right Dr._______just left the room and you delivered about 2 contractions later, sure,.... I delivered little Johnny. So, where is he---looking around for a stroller or something.

Her-he's sitting over there bundled up.

Me- God, he looks big. How old is he now? I'm thinking to myself, maybe 2-3, but I'm sure it's all the jackets etc...because---it could not have been that long ago.....could it????

Her- Oh, he just turned 7.

Me-WOW, 7....boy, that is hard to believe (me really thinking, WTF? where has the time gone)!!

We ended on small talk. She thanked me for a great delivery and was kidding about how Dr._____came running back into the room after the page and how I was standing there trying to clamp the cord off etc.....

In all honesty....I really did not remember the delivery...I have only caught a few babies over the years and most of the deliveries I ever do remember are the sad/serious ones, maybe a funny one or two....but most I do, if she had some crazy-ass tattoo down there I may have remembered her and the delivery, but obvisously she did not. He is a very cute little man these days, I must say.

I think I'm going to need to do some memory skill games!

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