Sunday, October 25, 2009

really dude?

sorry i have not written in so long, i don't have to much to say except that i'm very busy with the kiddo's and yes, my job still sucks most days.

the only new things are:

a. if you are going to stay overnight with your loved one, please where pajamas. i do not like seeing you come out of the bathroom in the middle of the night- in your underwear, it's bad enough i have to look at perineums, and lochia, let only your ugly ass in stained underwear!

b. evidence based practice has confirmed that rm#2 is graded to the right- if your wife does have a postpartum bleed, it will run out of her to the floor and if we're lucky enough down and out into the hallway---watch you're step!

c. don't take the liberty of showing you're loved one how to use the breast-pump you look like an idiot, seriously ring for a nurse to show your wife---that was gross and i really would prefer seeing her use it correctly than you!

d. why on god's green earth would the two of you EVEN consider to have sex only 2 days post delivery than not only ruined my day, but my year---good grief