Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Did you really just ask that???

As many of you know, I had my left elbow completely reconstructed in January. It was pretty uncomfortable, to say the least! I had 4 c/sections-two were classical c/sections(I was cut up and down inside and out) and two nice little bikini cut c/sections. All 4 combined after surgery did not top the pain that one little surgery on my arm caused. I could sum it up on a scale of 1 to 10 as 100, yes, I know I sound like one of those crazy drug seeking patients, but really it was 100.

Maybe, it was due to the fact, I had my arm dislocated again, because in all seriousness it didn't hurt enough the first time, then they reset by bones, because even though they healed nicely the first time, they healed 1.5 inches away from each other, I got new ligaments from a cadaver because it turns out I had NO ligaments holding my arm in place. My favorite part of the surgery was all sorts of holes being drilled into my bones to suture the new ligament/tendons in place.....and I hate general anesthesia so I asked to be happily confused during the surgery until after they dislocated my arm I definitely remember screaming something like M-fer.....

A quick little public service announce- Never, Never Fall on Outstretched hands!!

Which finally brings me to: What did my kids say today? I have another follow up appointment in the am with Ortho.

1. Mom is that Dr. who always tries to pull out your arm of it's socket going try it again tomorrow?

2. Does the doctor actually know the dead guy who's ligaments/tendons you have?

3. Doesn't your new arm gave like a 5 year warranty?



Jimmy said...

I went through the same thing once. Fell on my stretched hands, elbow completely missing.. Good times. :|

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