Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Mess--Has anyone seen my keys?

The House is a Mess, I would personally label it a State of Emergency, but hey that is just me!

We recently decided to finally fix the bathroom upstairs-it was gut down to the beams.

Hired a great guy and it looks beautiful. (Thanks Mr. FireMan)

Only problem is, we never take a break from one project to the next.

The bathroom is complete, at least in the other person eyes- the other part owner!

And their he goes ripping apart another room. Granted it's not like it does not need to be done, but heaven help me.

We have have lived in this house for 9 years this month and just when one room is finished, we are off to the next and before you know it, the first room we completed is looking , "not so hot," and wam-project #538 is started.

Now it the girls room, aahhh the girls room, pink, bows, hearts, and polka-dots ...aahhh--everything I always wanted! But do we really need to do it now?

Back to school around the corner, summer-projects due/uniforms to be bought? Both parent who work full-time/soccer...the list goes on and on

The Mess is unreal- started with -ripping wood-work out in one room to---Hey let's keep on going, let's take it into the hallway.

Did I mention this lovely young lady on 29yo, works nights and gets to come to a wood saw going off, the up and down the stairs, and then the nail-gun, ooppss don't let me forget compresser going off too- and then the lovely "thud", every few minutes?

The other half rotates too, so he goes in for night-shift today at 5pm until 9am, but he can get sleep at his job way more than any other profession that I know of.

Did I mention we are having a Big BBQ on Wednesday for #3's-4th Bday?

You are all welcomed to come, because what started out as a few family member is now at 30 plus.

Please bring the Potato Salad, and some alcohol, I'm going to need some.

Oohhh, yes--If anyone has seen either set of my keys, please email me at purplestinkyonion.com-I'd appreciate it!

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