Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dave Grohl

Well, here is one of many photos taken from Love Ride 2008. We had a great time. I still can not hear out of my right ear, once again the aftermath effect of seeing the Foo's. I have so many things to blog about from our trip, once everyone is settled down, I'll post more!!
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Theme song??

For some reason, I can not get the Foo Fighter's song, DOA out of my head and if you read any of my posts below, you will know why.

Everytime I go into work, I'm thinking about this song...I'm considering making it the theme song for my new Unit.

WTF do any of us know anyway!

Absolutely Nothing!

I wrote a small blog on August 14, "My Job"

The last few lines says it all. "My favorite patient whom I have taken care of over the past few weeks delivered recently, and her baby has not a chance of survival. Her baby lies in the NICU, ventilated, sedated, chest tubes and all".

Her beautiful baby boy was discharged to home a few days ago!

I'm glad she followed her heart and believed, there was "Hope"! Maybe it is here?

God Speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Something that scares me!

Pregnant women in general, then throw in the added congenital defect babies to the mix and there you have my job...all wrapped up with a pretty bow!

But on another note....

A mother came in at term with general non-specific complaints. I thank God, I made her give a quick urine and sent it down and the lab stat, the urine looked horrid- very dark and very concentrated and not a heck of a lot of it either...she had a slight headache, not touched even the slightest with Tylenol, and neck pain-in the back of her neck left sided and some arm discomfort, she was contracting, it was not being picked up well via the monitor but by palpating her abdomen, she was contracting every 3-4 minutes- moderate to strong, the baby was behaving well for the time being, and yes and she had some nicely elevated Blood Pressures to say the least. No edema at all. She was seen in Outpatient the day before and had none of the above. The only thing worth noting was that she was beyond,"crazy", would not sit still, could not stop complaining about everything, and our group has always talked so highly of her and her family.

Needless to say the protein level was greater than 100, and we sent down every bit of blood work you can imagine for PIH labs. Platelets dropped to 40 and liver enzymes were to highest ever recorded by our MFM team.

Final diagnosis? Yup, you guessed it HELLPS. I really do not like even typing it, it is very scary.

She had no risk factors for developing it, except one....she is a nurse, who works at our hospital.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Voodoo Medicine Man!!!!!!

Welcome Vodoo Medicine Man!

I've read some of your post and am enjoying it!


Well, I have been blogging about 2 months now and thank you to all my readers, for letting me rant and pour out my heart and soul.

I have not been very good lately...mostly due to my job and because of the start of school. Soon my hours will change with work..........I can not wait!! I am going to drop my hours down, I don't really know how we are going to do that...I really need to see where we can cut back.

My goal is going to be to blog at least once, if not twice every stayed tuned for further updates!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yes, YOU!

Yes, You!

You, who are reading this blog, drop me a line...let me know what you think I know you are out there!

And by the way,...... 2 sets of my keys have been missing since August, if you see them or have them...please email me!!

What were my last few days of work like?

So, What were my last few days of work like...?

Exhausting to say the least!

Day, one started with a ...a...aaaa " slow", yikes...night...gosh, I do not like to say that word---EVER!

Day Two, ....yup, said it "busy!" See, I opened my Big Mouth!

I met this lovely, lovely family from down South. The family was told some very interesting news, totally wrong, but very interesting and god knows, they were told, there was, "Hope."

So, there they were in the waiting room prior to me going home, did you ever get that feeling that when you come back into work that night it would be crappy????!

So, there I was coming into work, the Unit filled with tears..etc, etc.....

The Family was scheduled for a C/Section in the am, one baby VERY, VERY sick the other, Not Compatible with Life.

I stayed for the section, I thought it would be an opportunity........why not, I probably will not see anything like it again, or now at least I hope I never will. It was the wrong thing to do because now it has been a few days, and my heart aches for that family and for that little baby.

Oh yeah, don't let me forget the mother had a positive UDS, for more drugs than we could account for...Ggrrrhhhh!!!! I'm sure it had nothing to do with what happened to that little one, but it pisses me off to know end that maybe she will take home the other one, if everything goes well. I hate to think that baby does not stand a chance after everything it will go through!

The next day, family...different circumstances, same outcome, only one baby...S*&^!

The next family--Great News, totally expecting something Horrid, and Everything is Well, ..."Normal?"

Is there, "HOPE?" Who Knows?????

Something that made me laugh!

This Made Me Giggle!

The Other Day I decided to order a Pizza and some other food for the kiddo's and Other-Half prior to my departure to work, the other -half was in route to home..... and in that massive rush, I was trying to get ready for work, clean the house up and take a quick shower, pack a bag for the long 12 plus hour night-shift etc....

When I was starting to head down the stairs, in as little as 30 minutes the kiddo's managed to rip apart the house by the front door, toss blankets around, and my sweet elderly neighboor decided to drop off some old toys that her grandson had once played with, they were now EVERYWHERE......needless to say I was not HAPPY!!!!!

I did not know the Pizza Man was at the front door, eventhough now I think the 9 year had tried to tell me at least once, there he was half in the front door, half not-I came down the steps a little VEXED, yelling slightly asking, the normal,"Who, What, and the What gave you the bright idea,?" etc...the Pizza Man to my surprise, said, "Lady, it was not me, I swear, I just Got Here!"....

I gave him a big whopping tip-he made my day!

My Life is passing me by?

My Life is passing me by?

Why...I work way toooo much and am stretching myself to my limits---or should I say stretching my patience.
I have been very busy,...Imagine that...Full-time Mother of 4 kids under the ages of 9, full-time worker, full-time soccer mother, one on a traveling team, 2 others of home leagues and in all honestly my 2 1/2 year old can run drills better than the boys on the traveling team, I think I can sense a scholarship or at least I hope so, with this economy, God only knows if we'll have any money by the time they are ready for college!