Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How was your day???

How was your day??? Well, here is an update on the last day or two I have worked.

We had an emergency C-Section, that took over 2 hours to close her. Why you ask because I was working with Dr. Slow-Pants good Lord I hate doing sections in the middle of the night. My feet were actually starting to ache in the OR, and by the way, seriously an 11 sutures count and 40 laps, she was a prime section for Christ Sakes!!!!

Second delivery was the second most bloody delivery I have ever attended. I am NOT kidding when I say, the vaginal delivery room looked like a triple homicide, blood was not only pouring out of MOM, due to the lovely 3 rd degree laceration and uterine atony, but the room obvisiously is slight graded to the left because the blood ran out into the hallway, boy nothing like making the NICU team uncomfortable and wanting to throw up(that was actually funny:). Mom will not sitting correctly for a long time let alone sex will probably never be the same, I think it was a 4th degree but that was just me, but what would I know I was too busy massaging her uterus, hanging IV fluid, giving methergine, getting blood and calling for more backup. It took over 3 hours to sow her up. Her doo-da was so swollen and bruised, she will most like have a hematoma, putting in the foley was horrible. Good Lord!!!


horsetech said...

Poor women!

"Her doo-da was so swollen and bruised,"

I thought the medical term was hoo-ha. ;)

Anonymous said...

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