Friday, September 26, 2008

A Reason to Believe---In What?

A reason to believe--- in what?

I find myself totally confused in what I do at my job and in all honestly--it is pushing me to my limits on what I believe in anymore, or if I believe in anything at all.

Parents come to us, with little hope- for their unborn child, and we are pushing the limits on medicine, saving such young lives. We are pioneers in fetal medicine and there are days, that are wonderful and then there are days when grief is just the word of the day.

I have never been too much of a "holy-roller', even though I was raised Strict Catholic by my Grandmother, and because of that--- it is the reason I find myself so far distant as an adult. Pushed and pushed into the Catholic Faith and made to go to church and pray everyday etc.......

I have found myself questioning my faith and beliefs especially for the last few months with the job change.

I have some things I do believe in like Karma- what comes around goes around, and that people come into your life for various reasons, there is a purpose, at the time we may not know, but there is a reason.

I gave up on hope, this past week, I can not explain the reason why, but I did, I really thought that I was going to leave my job, but when I met my patient the other night, she gave me, "Hope!"

After all, "hope lives here".

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Part 2 Dave Grohl/Foo Fighters Friend or Foe?

......Part 2

Dave Grohl/Foo Fighters (Friend or Foe)?

Yes, this past week totally sucked, why you asked?

What's up with the Foo's taking a long break?
Sorry to hear that, I definitely believe everyone deserves a break, but 10 years??? Seriously take some time off.
All the Foo's should focus on side projects, family and friends but please do not let it be 10 years!! Please NO!

A Really True Friend!

So, I really wanted to see the Foo's this past year and unfortunaly, was unable to see them in my home-town.

I wanted to travel by myself to Indiana and see them but the Other Half was not to keen on that idea, so The Other Half agreed, to go a see them with me at the Meadowlands..................and the rest is history.

Prior to us going to see the Foo's at the Meadowlands.......

I had to work fast to bring The Other Half up to speed. For 2 months before the concert it is the only thing I would play--in the house, in the car...pretty much everywhere and anywhere.
From our vacation in Virginia to four minutes before we entered the Izod Center.

The Other Half was quite impressed, so many of the songs, he already knew and that he enjoyed so many of them too.

So, there we were @ The Meadowlands and he had a Religious Experience and now he is a total convert. Now, how to I know this?

The other day, upon telling him about the long break the Foo's where going to have..he said, "WHAT!?" "F#&!" Spoken just like Dave Grohl would!

Then, he mentions again, "Is there anyway we can get out of going to your cousin's wedding, then we could go to Vegas to see them?"

Well, if looks could kill he would be dead, and that was an understatement!

"Well, is there any other shows we could see them at?", he asked.


From the City, we call home to California, only about 2,688 miles.

**This is the reason I'm married to The Other Half.**

All of the things I must blog about(Part 1)

.......Part 1

Growning up I was REALLY into Pink Floyd...........

Sad news on the loss of Richard William Wright...He will definitely be missed.

Where have you been?

Okay, once again...I have been MIA...why you ask because the care @ my local ER was ssooo great.

I was once again sick to say the least, this time though unfortunately admitted on IV antibiotics---and by the way I would never put my worst enemy on Levaquin.

And that is all I may going to say, because otherwise I would violate my own HIPAA privacy rights.

Good news...I am finally feeling somewhat better!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

somethings piss me off

One thing that really pisses me off...calling after hours because you need your electricity turned on now and you want the form completed like yesterday and now at 2330 it is an emergency!!!!!!!!!!.

Doesn't the electric company send out 3 warnings prior to doing so? or maybe try and call you first before doing so?

Was it that you gave them the wrong number to your 3 different cell phone numbers? Because I noticed that they are still all working?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some answers are Priceless

So, occasionally The Other Half needs to ride with EMS/Fire Rescue, as part of his job. They received a call very early in the am about some man bleeding.

Being we live in a Big Screwed Up City--it could be anything from a paper cut to a gun shot wound.

So, he and his partner showed up in the Rig. They found a 30 something year old man sitting on the curb with blood soaked clothing and a towel wrapped over his arm.

The man was very hesitant to remove it, but after some talking too, the man removed the towel so The Other Half and his partner could take a look.

The man was missing one of his fingers, when asked what had happened to it, the man replied, "when I woke up this morning it was gone!"

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thank you for making me VOMIT!

Oohh Lord, I was sick Tuesday---to say the least!

About 5 days before one of our Dr.'s was deathly ill(severe vomiting), which I would bet was viral now----- I started an IV(3 liters) and gave some Zofran, we put her to bed in one of the patients rooms and we found coverage for her for the rest of the night etc....... partly for pity reasons partly because her husband is some BIG plastic surgery guy at a Huge hospital near by( here is to hoping she will put a good word in for me to her husband!!)

A few months back my kids and Other Half were watching a re-run of Jon and Kate, you know the one where she showed off her stomach to the world and some wife of a plastic surgeon saw the show and asked him to do the surgery for free. My kids thought that was funny and said, "Geez Mom your stomach looks worse than that)! And to think I only had 4 kids and 4 C-sections 2 classical and 2 low transverse incisions! I have now accepted reality. no matter how much weight I have lost ---that jelly roll will never go away! No matter how much I exercise or abdominal exerices I do, it will not leave without the intervention of surgery!

Hence the nice thought above... so there I was about 5 days after the doctors severe vomitng, then I started------I thought I was going to die ---literally in and out of consciousness, with my head stuck in a toilet!

Isn't that a lovely picture.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where has the summer gone?

Where has the summer gone?

In just less than 4 hours, my two oldest children will start back to grade school! And tomorrow the two youngest will follow- One starting Pre-K and the other--dare I say, Nursery School.

We will finally have the house all to ourselves Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9a-3p. Of course depending on our schedules too.
I once worked with a woman, who at the time had 7 kids, now she has 10--she told me, "it was going to be depressing this year, I'm only going to have 4 kids at home with during the day."?!
I thought she was crazy-but I'm actually going to miss the little ones==Now Who Is Crazy??!!!

Eventhough, I am so happy for them to be back in school-I feel as though this summer completely went by us and I did not have enough time off.

We made a nice list together of all the things we would like to do during the summer and only accomplished a few a them. I hope next summer we get to do almost everything on the list!

Sink issues

My other half can not fix anything, WATER RELATED!

I could blog an entire novel on all the things during our 12+ years of marriage, the other half as tried to fix, but that would be mean.(LOL)

What started as an occasional drip from the kitchen sink is now running at 150cc/hour- and NO, I am NOT kidding!