Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nothing new here.

So, this past week has been very busy, half due to a horrible schedule at work, half due to the fact- we are one week from school starting(can you see the smile on my face)?

I saw some amazing surgeries this week, I am lucky enough to work for an institution that does EXIT procedures. And let me just say that if Mom complains of post-op pain, she is in no ways lying about it!!!!!!!

Other than that, nothing else is new---my daughter cut her hair Again!

Lord help me- it is the worst cut I have ever seen, sad news is that she actually thinks it looks good. She has no bangs and a bald spot right on top of her head. It will probably take at least 6months to 1 year before I will be able to use some sort of accessories to make it look normal.

I never cut my hair, but I did cut the hair of a girl I was friends with in the forth grade, her mother never let me play with her after that(LOL)! Maybe it is some sort of genetic factor we have.
Do you ever cut your hair or anyone elses?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bad Day @ Work

Just when I thought I had a bad day at work---I realized I did not. This is a picture of a Fishman, that lost control of it boat. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August 20th, 2004 #3

August 20th, 2004

I have not slept well for the past few weeks, I can only seem to get comfortable when lying on the sofa in the family room. I gained ssooo much weight this time.

The past wfew days I have been watching a 24/7 marathon on of CSI.
I'm really enjoying that and watching the summer Olympics 04' all night, I can never sleep at night even on my days off.

I finally managed to get off of the sofa at 9am, I can hear the children getting up-.............the pitter/patter of small feet, then giggling & laughing--"Where's Mom..Where Mommy?"

I could not hear what was being said by OtherHalf--I was just trying to get myself together and pack the last few bits that I could, get the house and kids situated for the next 4 days.

Nana and Pop-Pop arrived a few hours later. Pop-Pop watched the little ones, as my mother and otherhalf drove into the distance...................................

I was such a beautiful, hot summer day! We were meet by the usual suspects (I was currently working at the hospital in the same department) at the time, Grandpop came to the visit me before I was sent into the Bright White Room.

I was prepped, and the anesthesiologist stuck me about 20 times before he finally got the spinal in, then happiness, some IV Zofran, and total complete numbness, aahhhhh.......

18 minutes later...a healthy 8 pound, 15 ounce, 22 3/4 inch beautiful Baby Boy was born.

Happy Birthday, Little Man- you are now offically 4, not sure where the time has gone.....I Love You!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Mess--Has anyone seen my keys?

The House is a Mess, I would personally label it a State of Emergency, but hey that is just me!

We recently decided to finally fix the bathroom upstairs-it was gut down to the beams.

Hired a great guy and it looks beautiful. (Thanks Mr. FireMan)

Only problem is, we never take a break from one project to the next.

The bathroom is complete, at least in the other person eyes- the other part owner!

And their he goes ripping apart another room. Granted it's not like it does not need to be done, but heaven help me.

We have have lived in this house for 9 years this month and just when one room is finished, we are off to the next and before you know it, the first room we completed is looking , "not so hot," and wam-project #538 is started.

Now it the girls room, aahhh the girls room, pink, bows, hearts, and polka-dots ...aahhh--everything I always wanted! But do we really need to do it now?

Back to school around the corner, summer-projects due/uniforms to be bought? Both parent who work full-time/soccer...the list goes on and on

The Mess is unreal- started with -ripping wood-work out in one room to---Hey let's keep on going, let's take it into the hallway.

Did I mention this lovely young lady on 29yo, works nights and gets to come to a wood saw going off, the up and down the stairs, and then the nail-gun, ooppss don't let me forget compresser going off too- and then the lovely "thud", every few minutes?

The other half rotates too, so he goes in for night-shift today at 5pm until 9am, but he can get sleep at his job way more than any other profession that I know of.

Did I mention we are having a Big BBQ on Wednesday for #3's-4th Bday?

You are all welcomed to come, because what started out as a few family member is now at 30 plus.

Please bring the Potato Salad, and some alcohol, I'm going to need some.

Oohhh, yes--If anyone has seen either set of my keys, please email me at'd appreciate it!

Monday, August 18, 2008


I had the cutest couple last night in the delivery room.

So, Dr. Mc Ravishing and I reviewed all of the lovely ways that we can help and support Mom to be through her labor- of course we reviewed the good meds vs. the back-rubs, birthing balls etc...After about 20 minutes, she states, "I never had much pain in my life, but I'm going to do it with out any help".

God, help me- Let the Screaming begin! We have a bet- I give her to 4cm before she brakes down. Can't wait to go back to work now in a few days and hopefully collect the winnings!

I'm in love with two new friends. The Dansko's are off and the SVEN's are on!

Purple even, ---just beautiful, I woke up and there they were in a UPS box, my name so delicately placed on top, my heart skipped a beat or two. I placed them on my feet and the heavens opened up and my feet are happy and joyous again. I feel like I can run all night -- back and forth-- to and from,-- reading strips, giving meds, taking orders and pleasing the patients the best that I can. My faith in mankind has been restored.

Okay, so I got a little carried away, the shoes are really cute! And they fit great.

Have a Lovely Night--- One and All

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Job

My new job has been good and bad all tried together with a nice bow. The job looked great prior to my transfer but once here I realize more than ever--- life is definitely what it is cracked up to be. It is the little things, that get us through the day- a soft smile a lovely hello and sometimes not saying anything at all just letting them cry on our shoulders.

I feel greatly connected to these mothers in some ways yet so distant. Almost afraid to comfort them and tell them it will be all right. That they will some how make it through all this pain, even if their infant does not.

Being a mother of 4 and my first being a premature infant I rode that roller coaster. One day, my baby was great - progressing nicely, then 4 hours later being told my baby may have NEC. Something no mother wants to here when their baby is in the NICU, or the fact that there is now another concern they did not initially suspect, but now do.

We have lost a few babies this past week alone, the sadness is unbelievable, especially when they have been told, we foster, "hope". I feel like sometimes we are blowing sunshine up butts for the sake of medicine.

My favorite patient whom I have taken care of our the past few weeks delivered recently, and her baby has not a chance of survival. Her baby lies in the NICU, ventilated, sedated, , chest tubes and all, and I am finding it so hard to say goodbye to her before she is discharge to home.

As promised--my story of Poo

As I have previous promised, this is my story of poo.

A few years ago I worked a prn diem position at a community hospital. I was, of course working in the Labor and Delivery Unit. My patient was having her, #5, #6 or #7, baby at the time, she warned me and the OB that she and her children were having the ,"worse" case of pinworms eventhough they had been on multiple doses of Vermox.

Needless to say, that while she was pushing, she was also pooping, and with that poop millions of pinworms came out too!

That is an imagine I can still not shake after 3 years!

This for for MonkeyGirl and Can't spell DVM-Enjoy!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Vagina is on Fire!

Just on a side note before I go to bed. Why I am thinking of this now, I have no idea, but thought it would be worth sharing.....................

A few months ago, I got a phone call from an adolescent patient who swears she saw smoke coming out of her vagina, I am absolutely not kidding. The secretary took the message and asked that I call her back immediately.

After a minute or two of reading the post-it note and then asking the secretary was she sure that this was actually said.......................

Seriously, like who could make up this shit, Really!

I called this young lady back and found out all other sorts of information I did not even want to know, but then her boyfriend got on the phone too, and he thinks he may have seen something like smoke--maybe steam, definitely coming from her vagina?! Because he was down there looking around checking it out for himself:)

When you called me, did I say 911, what's your emergency? Because honestly, if your vagina is smoking and or on fire ---you need to call 911- for the Fire Department not a Nurse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alrightly then, off to bed...Goodnight and Godspeed!

Listening to the Foo Fighters way too much lately?

So, how do you know when you have been listening to the Foo Fighters way to much lately?

Early last week, I asked the two year old for something...I starting saying, "Over There" and pointing---which turned into, "There, There", when she started in her adorable Minney Mouse-high pitched voice and began to sing, "Dere dogoes my Werooo." Translates to,"There Goes My Hero".

She had to whole clan crackling up- wish I had my camera on to record it!

The drive home

Happy Sunday!

The last few days I worked have been very busy, last night finally a break, thank goodness!

I mostly have been schedule for: one day on than one day off, one day on-two days off for the last two weeks, what a pain in the butt, but what can you do? I would much rather work a few in a row and have a bunch off, but at this point I can not even think clearly- so please excuse the type-o's.

I did not have much sleep or rest period before I went into work last night- granted the no sense of humor now- and the poor attitude I have........So, now that I have been up for the past 30 hours..I'm going to crawl into my bedroom and hopefully hibernate for the next 4-5 hours, only if the kids can keep the ramblings to a quiet screaming session or two. Please let the electric go out! So there is no guitar:))

Oh yes before I forget---the ride home......I drive back and forth to work on an interstate 3-4 lane highway for about 30-40 minutes, and this morning was almost side-swiped by some a-hole driving with a small dog on her lap, God freakin' help me!!!!!!!!!!! This is the same jerk-off that will be scrapped off the highway that I or another one of my co-workers will have to take care of someday because they don't know how to drive properly. Sorry for the rant, but what the heck is the world coming too.

Friday, August 8, 2008

My Headache is Gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Day Everyone, or should I say Goodnight because I just got finished work?

My headache is gone, but now my feet hurt:(( Stood for almost the entire 12+hours, 2 being in the OR, for a surgery.

Freaking Dansko's aren't living up to their name-yah, the lower back hurts too- and I'm only 29:) Anywho, the bed is calling me along with the kids, gotta make breakfast first then off to neverland----Sweet Dreams to all the others recovering from night-shift too!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm off my Rocker tonight!

I'm off my rocker tonight and have a killer headache, why you ask????????????????? I bought my oldest an electric guitar, enough said!

Can't Spell, DVM: Thank you, thank you

Can't Spell, DVM: Thank you, thank you
I can not spell either but I love your blog! Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our Pharmacy Sucks!

So, how was my night-shift? Does the title-mean anything to you?

What are your worst in-house pharmacy stories?

My night started off with scheduled medication that was missing---of course.

I called the pharmacy for a scheduled med due at 2000, at 1930- they said they would send up the Toradol STAT. STAT is now 2.5 hours later:)

I work in a Delivery Unit. My mother was post-op, and who was scheduled for Toradol for pain. Now the reason I and all the rest of us have been told- why it is taking so long for the medication to by sent because Toradol is new to the formulary-even though it is a scheduled medication? Makes no sense to me- but whatever.

And having to wait the two, point 5 hours for it is crazy. Does the medication traveling from the same floor pharmacy go back down and through the center of the earth before it arrives, maybe stopping of at Hawaii first? Because if it does...I'm going on some crazy ass diet, so I can fit into that tubing system, I'd like to take that trip!

Okay, so this is a little off...but years ago I worked at a hospital where some nurse called to her friend on another unit, and she told her friend she made some great soup for dinner and then decieded to send her some through that tube system, well guess what ---it leaked and closed down the system for 3 weeks....what an ass!!!!!!!!!!

Early this morning the pharmacy department came up and wanted to know how things were working for us in our new lovely unit. My response, "can we get some Toradol added to our Pyxis?" There was a long pause on their part, this is where I should of- could of- kept my mouth shut, but I have a lot of opinions said, " It is easier to get crack than to get Toradol in this place, I can easily take the elevators down to the first floor, catch a cab, buy crack, come back and give it to the patient than to wait for your department to send it up, AFTER ALL, I heard Crack works for Post-op pain better than Toradol."

Did I mention, know one from the pharmacy department appreciated the comment, but every other -person in an ear shot started to laugh!


Monday, August 4, 2008

Sometimes I can not believe what I am reading!

[edit] Warnings
Don't make grilled cheese sandwiches with your iron, or iron your hair - it gets the iron dirty. These uses are also fire hazards; be extremely careful if attempting this. If you're going to use your iron for anything other than fabric, use a separate one just for that purpose.

The Night Life from a Nurse's View

Tomorrow I go back to work, can I say more?